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4: Do not use while bathing.
5: May cause excitability, especially in young children.
6: Non Toxic - non flammable
7: Dessicant - Do Not Eat.
8: Ladies Night - 1/2 off all psychic phenomena.
9: This page not responsible for intermittent fits of Marvin anxiety.
10: meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow
11: I claim this
web page in the name of cartoon history. Isn't that lovely, hmm?
12: Do not immerse in boiling oil.
13: Will not plump when you cook it.
14: Certificates of insanity will be passed out at a later date. To reserve your copy, send e-mail to professor_kechi@yahoo.com.
15: Raid kills bugs. Dead.
16: This page will not make such a statement and expect to back it with valid statistical data.
17: Stop making sense.
18: oh goody! My Iludium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator!
19: This page may cause rampant acts of singing, dancing and believing in the flatness of the Earth.
20: Does not obstruct anyone's view of Venus.
21: Biodegradable
22: Goes great with ranch dressing.
23: Yet another meaningless statistic: More males are born in warmer climates than females. The opposite is true as well.
24: You didn't really need to know that, did you?
25: I'm single. I'm cute. I'm tall and
pony tailed. That's reason enough to come to this web page 100 times a day.
26: In the event that you want to jump up and down on one foot while flapping your arms and whistling Dixie, don't blame me.
27: This page is not afraid of the dark.
28: Michael J Fox has no Elvis in him.
29: Do not attempt to smuggle this
web page into various Oceania islands. They love it the way it is.
30: If you have finished reading this and agree to it, then either you have nothing better to do or have a serious antisocial streak. Either way, I'm glad to have you around.