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This is where to look for various sightings of Marvin The Martian.  Whether it is in books, TV, Movies, or anything else I find.  If you have found Marvin in any unusual or unique places send me a picture & a description to and I will add it to this section!

Space Jam: He was the referee.  Pictures Here!!!
(K-9 is here too!!!)

Rumor     UPDATE!!!
Guest appearance on The Simpson's January 12, 1997

"The Springfield Files"
Season 8

Leonard Nimoy presents the strange tale of Homer Simpson's close encounter with an extraterrestrial being. One night after drinking a few too many at Moe's, Homer sees a bald, glowing, big-eyed creature that tells him not to be afraid. Homer tells everyone that the creature is an alien. Marge and the kids tell Homer that he was drinking too much and that there was no alien. A story in the Springfield Shopper about Homer's close encounter brings FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to Springfield to investigate. After some routine tests, the agents come up with nothing and leave empty-handed. It's up to Homer and Bart to find proof of the alien's presence themselves. Armed with video footage, Bart and Homer convince the entire town that there is an alien among them. But when everybody turns out to see it, Smithers reveals that the glowing creature is actually Mr. Burns, who is undergoing a series of experimental life-extending medical treatments.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as himself; David Duchovny as Fox Mulder; Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully

The episode where Homer thinks he sees an alien, when in fact it is his boss Mr. Burns.

Does the alien on the far left look like Marvin to you?  This was one of about 15 frames that he was on during this episode of The Simpson's.

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